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Where Are Your Law Offices in Berks County Pennsylvania Located?

We have three Law Office Locations for your convenience. Our main office is located at 520 Walnut Street in downtown Reading, Pennsylvania. We also have offices in Womelsdorf and Douglassville, Pennsylvania.

Driving directions to our Reading office: From the south and west, take the Penn Street Bridge over the Schuylkill River, make a left on Fifth Street, go three blocks to Walnut, and turn right. Our building is one block up on the right, at the corner of Walnut and Church Streets. Turn right onto Church Street and our building will be on your right, and our parking lot will be on your left.

From the north, take 222 South into Reading. 222 turns into Fifth Street, and from Fifth Street make a left onto Walnut Street. Our building is one block up on the right, at the corner of Walnut and Church Streets. Turn right onto Church Street and our building will be on your right, and our parking lot will be on your left.

What type of law does the Law Firm of Mogel, Speidel, Bobb & Kershner Practice?

The attorneys of Mogel, Speidel, Bobb and Kershner pride themselves on being able to meet a wide variety of legal needs. The law firm's areas of practice include:

  • Business, Banking, and Commercial Law
  • Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney
  • Estate and Trust Administration
  • Family Law: Divorce, Custody, and Support
  • Real Estate and Land Development
  • Commercial and Personal Injury Litigation
  • Taxation: Personal, Corporate, and Estate
  • Municipal Law
  • Employment Law

What do you charge for your legal services?

The charge for legal services depends on the type of the service and the complexity of the representation. Some matters are billed on an hourly basis, others on a flat fee basis, and still others are billed on a contingency basis (meaning the fee depends on whether there is a recovery or not). The Law Firm of Mogel, Speidel, Bobb & Kershner believes the client is entitled to a clear explanation as to the basis of the fees charges, and accordingly, all fee agreements are set forth in writing before the representation begins. Do not hesitate to ask the lawyer working on your matter to thoroughly explain the fee arrangement.

I'm not sure I need a lawyer. Do you provide free consultations to help me determine whether I do?

Whether the attorney gives free consultations depends on the nature of the work. For example, personal injury lawyers and bankruptcy lawyers usually give free initial consultations. Also, whether you need a lawyer or not can sometimes be determined by a brief telephone call with the appropriate individual. If you want to talk with one of our attorneys at length, you should make sure that there is a clear understanding beforehand as to whether there will be a charge for the consultation.

How do I know whether I need a lawyer or not?

Whether you need an attorney or not depends on many factors. There are some events that clearly indicate legal representation is needed. For example, if you or your company has been sued, or if you have been arrested or injured in an accident, you should immediately seek the advice of an Attorneys at Law in Berks County, PA. The initial consultation may indicate that you do not need long term representation, but dealing with an adversary represented by an attorney, or with the police and justice system, can be very difficult. Do not depend on the representations of an insurance company or the other side's attorney. Receive consultation immediately from a knowledgeable Pennsylvania attorney who has your best interests in mind for your own legal advice.

I am thinking of starting a new business, and I'm not sure whether I need to incorporate. How do I decide?

Whether to incorporate (or form a partnership) or not depends on a wide range of factors, including the nature of the business, the risks involved in conducting the business, and costs of incorporating and maintaining the corporation, and other factors. Your decision to incorporate or not to incorporate should be guided by competent Pennsylvania Business Attorney after a thorough discussion of the issues.

I was involved in an accident. Do I need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you have been involved in an accident where there has been significant personal injury or property damage, you should consult with an Personal Injury attorney immediately. Do not, under any circumstances, sign a release or a waiver presented to you by an insurance company until you have consulted with a Personal Injury Lawyer. This advice applies whether you were injured in the accident or not.

Do I need a Will, a Living Will, or a Power of Attorney?

A Will is a valuable tool to control the disposition of property upon death. Every adult should consider making a Will, and the need for a Will grows as one's assets and family ties increase. If you do not have a Will at your death, the assets of your estate may be distributed in undesired manners and amounts.

Living Wills and Power of Attorney are methods to confer upon a competent and responsible individual the power and authority to make important decisions regarding your life in the event of incapacity. Living Wills give effect to the medical wishes of an individual who becomes physically unable to care for himself or herself. A Durable Power of Attorney allows another to make financial decisions for an individual who has become incapacitated. Both documents are extremely important, even to those individuals who already have a Will in effect.

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